Monday, March 2, 2009

You Just Can't Win Against A Six-Year-Old

Tonight Riley begged me to play a game called Landscapes with him. It's a game where you build castles and have ogres and things that fire discs and rocks. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to do. But Ry knows that if he whines enough I'll give in, and I did.

So we build our cities and he puts this disc into this slingshot looking thing. He fires and misses. My turn. I fire and his one of his ogres. Ha ha! I'm winning, so I think. Until he stands his guy back up and tells me he has a medic. He fires again and hits one of my guys. Apparently, I do not have medics. So, being the competitive sort that I am, I pick up a rock and throw it, hard, at his castle. It falls over. Ha ha!

Now he tells me he has engineers!

How do you win against that?!


Anita said...

How adorable. The times I say no to my son on playing with him are the times I know I'll regret when he no longer asks me,or he is too old for games. I know i have to stop and play. I'm so glad you did this too.

Larissa said...

That picture just says it all! Love you Riley!