Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In The Darnedest Places

I spent a good part of this evening at our school's elective fair. I saw a lot of people. Got a lot of "those" hugs. Got a lot of those "How are you doing's". By the time I left I was worn out, tired of all the sympathetic eyes.

As I was walking down the hall with my friend I noticed, in the janitor's closet, a picture of Jesus propped up on a roll of toilet paper. For some reason it just struck me as funny. I laughed, hysterically. For a moment I had found my sense of humor, a glimpse of the old me.

Some people see Jesus in the details. I see him in the janitor's closet setting on a roll of toilet paper. I guess you can find Jesus in the darnedest places, as long as you're looking.


ruth said...

well I'm laughing :) you're pretty funny.

min4asl said...

LOL...you really did blog about it!! I'll never be able to walk past that closet again with out laughing!