Monday, July 19, 2010

Heavy On My Heart

As our trip to the Hunter's Hope Family & Medical Symposium approaches, I find myself preparing my heart for the trip. Last year, we were the new family, missing our little boy, trying to describe him to those who were never lucky enough to meet him. It'll be bittersweet, seeing my Krabbe family, and unfortunately meeting more. I know I'll see Grey in a few little bodies. I know I'll see fear and uncertainty in parents' eyes. But this year, it's my goal to show new families that life after loss does exist.

First, I have to send out a HUGE thank you to all those who helped us to raise funds for the Hunter's Hope Every Step Family Walk. At last glance, Grey's Gifts had raised $2025! Your love for our little boy, even 19 months later, still amazes me.

Grey has been heavy on my heart lately, and I'm sure it's because I see him every time I ask for a donation, every time I think of our upcoming trip. It was a nice break to go to a PKU clinic for Seth this past Saturday. Different kid, different disease. As I sat and listened to Seth's doctor speak, I realized just how important research is and just how lucky we are. If Seth had been born 30 years earlier, he would be a very different child. The advances in PKU, just in the last 11 years, have been amazing! My hope is that the day will come when Krabbe will be just as treatable as PKU. But there needs to be more research on this little-known, yet devastating disease. This last month I, along with many of you, did what I could to help fund that much needed research. Again, I can't thank you enough for taking "every step" of this journey with me.

I will post pictures of our trip on Facebook throughout the week. Bill & I have promised not to take our computers with us (iPhones don't count). Keep us in your thoughts for an easy travel and a relaxing trip. Even though we were at the Symposium last year, most of our trip seems to have been lost in the fog, being so fresh in Grey's loss. This year we welcome the break as we continue on our path to heal.

On another note, the Texas State Department Of Health Services has updated it's site to include the Newborn Screening Advisory Committee. It's amazing, yet heartbreaking, all at the same time. To see Grey's name, to realize that this was his creation, I can't even start to explain how I am feeling. I am so proud of Grey and Bill, through his appointment as Chair of his son's committee. I am so lucky that both of them are a part of me.