Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Today marked the first day of Little League, with Seth having his first practice. When I got the call at 3:00 to let us know that practice was today at 5:00, I could have been irritated. But I wasn't. I was relieved. It would get me out of the house, and the mood, I was in.

Pulling into the fields I couldn't help but think about the miserable season we had last year. Seth hardly ever played. Practices were a chore. Parents on the team were strangers. I often chose to stay home during the games, with a yet undiagnosed Grey, who never seemed to enjoy his time in the bleachers. This even put a strain on Bill and I. I love Little League season, but this season was full of disappointments. How dare his sun not shine. It was a dark time.

But this season will be different. Two of my most caring friends met me at the field. One is Seth's coach. The other is his wife. You know how sometimes there are just people you connect with, even though you don't get to spend nearly the time with them that you would like? You just feel it. This would be them. Before Grey's death, it had been nearly a year since I had seen them. But when we needed them the most, there they were, at both Grey's memorial and benefit, with open arms, out of the blue.

So this afternoon, I ended up sitting in the sun, with my friends. I was able to talk, and listen, about Grey. But I was also able to forget about Grey's loss for a bit. I watched Seth play and laugh. I watched Ry enjoy time simply playing with ants and a stick while his brother practiced. Once again, life goes on. Sometimes, because of friends, it's just a little bit easier than others.

Hey Coach, make sure you check the pony this week. More DMB is one the way. I love you guys.

Forever Grey's Mom,

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Bill said...

I'm proud of you Baby!