Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How lucky?

Dearest Grey,

The further we get with your legislation to expand newborn screening, the more I believe that you really were brought here, and given to us, to get this accomplished. Although many have worked really hard to make this happen, it just all seems to be falling into place too easily. There are just too many coincidences for this not to have been your purpose. I really do believe that no matter what I could have done, you were not meant to be here with me forever. You were just on loan, a vessel to accomplish something much bigger. How lucky am I to be given the opportunity to have been your mom?

How lucky am I to be surrounded by people who understand the politics of this process? How lucky am I to be given the ability to give people your face with this disease, and it's lack of screening? How lucky am I that I gave you those eyes and that smile that has entranced so many to believe in your cause? How lucky am I that I can wake up every morning and know that my family at work will get me through yet another day without you? How lucky am I that your daddy and brothers will pick up their slack when I get home? How lucky am I that I have friends that can still make me laugh? How lucky am I that Hunter's Hope has embraced us? How lucky, that through your loss, you give me the strength, not only to continue breathing, but to fight for everything you stood for?

I know at times, I don't feel so lucky. At times I miss you so badly I wonder how I will walk through this world for years to come without you. At times, my chest burns with the anger of your loss.

But, how lucky am I to have been your mom for 11 months, 3 weeks, and 1 day? Nobody but me can claim that.


Forever Your Mom

P.S. Ry wants to tell you something:


I know you love animals so I typed this word for you all by myself.


I miss you Greyson.


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ruth said...

What a sweet big brother!

It is amazing that your little Grey can move such mountains.