Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two

Last year Ry picked out an ornament for Grey. Since his nursery was done in jungle, Riley picked out the only ornament that had a jungle animal. It was a hippopotamus. When you pushed the button it played this really annoying hippopotamus song. Little did I know how dear to me that song would become.

All of us spent hours in front of the Christmas tree, swaying Grey through his last days. He loved to hear that song. When the song would stop, in one way or another, he would let you know he wanted to hear it again.

Sunday, as we put up our Christmas tree, it was one of the first ornaments we put up. As I pushed the button, it was all I could do to not break down in front of the boys. To think that something so small could give him so much joy. To think that still, and always, it brings so many emotions into my soul.

I can see him, in other's arms. I can see him in mine. I can almost feel the weight of that little broken body, and the swaying of mine, as I stroke his hair and kiss his ear. Almost.

Today brought the 2nd edition of the hippo ornament. Apparently, Grey was not the only one who liked it. It reminds me of how a friend paid way too much on eBay for one after Christmas just for a memory of Grey. Others will see this post, and it will take them back too. Back to swaying with my Grey.

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