Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Nine

Day nine brought the Dave Matthews Band poster from the 2009 Texas tour.

This is from the first tour that Melinda went on with me and Ceci. DMB closed both shows with Grey Street. Both nights we all sobbed through it. We couldn't help but think that Grey had his hand in the setlists.

Along with the poster came a great letter. Melinda had taken the time to find DMB lyrics that reminded her of Grey. It was incredible! And the funny thing about it is, that even though nearly every DMB song reminds me of Grey, Melinda found some lyrics that I would have never thought of.

Melinda, like the "mean one", was also new to our school, coming to work in my SpEd department. Nothing like walking into a new job and finding out your department head's son is terminal. It would have been easy for her, too, to be a mere observer to my pain. But instead, she shared it with me. Melinda was with me the day we got the call of Grey's diagnosis. The picture below was taken the same day. I've shared more than one of the worst days of my life with her. Great for me. Not so great for her.

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