Sunday, December 13, 2009

Days 11 & 12

I know I've fallen a couple days behind, but in the rush to get home and start getting ready for Grey's First Angel Day, I left day #11 at school. However, you should be proud that I didn't open it and didn't even know what it was until Melinda told me. It will be there waiting for me to open when I arrive tomorrow, the last Monday morning before Christmas Break. Magical Memory #11 was a lion.

Last Spring Bill and I took Grey for pictures. We actually bought an outfit for him to wear right there at JC Penney before his session. We brought some jungle animals from his room to have in the pictures with him. But while looking for the outfit, I saw this cute little lion. He ended up making it in the picture too.

Looking back at this picture, I wonder why we didn't question the fact that, at 4 months old, Grey was still not holding up his head.

For Magical Memory #12, both Melinda and Chelsy gave me memories. Melinda gave me a small cardinal ornament, small enough to place on my desk with it drawing too much attention. It's perfect.

Chelsy, again, wrote the most incredible note and brought us beautiful flowers. From her we received in words that miracle #12 was Bill & I. It was nice to be reminded, that as often as the two of us feel like a "broken" couple, it could have only been us who could have brought Grey into this world. #12 reminds us, that if Bill and I weren't exactly who we were, the world would be a different place. And even though it's been a year full of struggles, it has also been a year full of triumphs. Thank you Chelsy. We love you too.

I have tons of pictures that Misti took that I will get tomorrow, so I think I'll save blogging about Grey's Angel Day until then. However, I would like to share one picture with you that she knew I wanted right away. At 2:08 PM, the exact moment that we lost Grey, about 30 of us released balloons. Misti snapped a picture. This is what she got.

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