Monday, December 7, 2009

Day Seven

Some things that remind me of Grey he never even touched. Some of these things I truly believe he placed here on Earth just for me, to let me know he's around me. One of those things was my Magical Memory #7, a pink and red lion from the Hallmark store.

As Valentine's Day was approaching a friend and myself went into a Hallmark store. There staring at us was a pink lion, with a red heart for a mane. Of course, every jungle animal reminded me of Grey, but there was something special about this lion that caught our attention. When we picked it up, it laughed . . . an infectious laugh. And when you pet it's back, it laughed harder. It was like Grey was trying to tell me he was OK, that he is laughing in Heaven.

My friend bought one and I bought one for my mom and one for me. Mine sits on his toy chest in his room. And I swear, every once in a while, out of the blue, I hear it laugh.

He's just letting me know.

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Carrie said...

I've really enjoyed your daily memories this week. I never had to knew Grey, so I feel like I'm finally getting a chance to know who he really was by the little things that made him so special and unique. {{hugs}}