Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve Baby

Tonight I am constantly having to remind myself that if Grey were here with us now, his Christmas would not even compare to the kind of Christmas he'll have in Heaven. That's what I'll keep telling myself. We'll get through this.

Ry is watching the Santa Tracker and just doesn't understand why Santa is not yet coming to Texas, but he swears he hears "dears" on the roof.

I spent all day wrapping presents. Again, life goes on.

Merry Christmas Grey Grey. I love you.


Texas Mom said...

Your whole family has been on my mind all day today. Merry Christmas to each of you! We've got to get the boys together before we go back!

min4asl said...

I am certain that Grey is having a joyous Christmas in Heaven. I'm sure he is laughing as he watches his brothers open their gifts this morning and wonder who will shoot who first :) Still looking for the mask for Riley!!

Susana said...

Grey is our little angel watching over us. I'm sure he is laughing and having fun.

Susana said...
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