Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thinking With A Clear Head

It has been nice, that since I have known for certain that Greyson's Law was signed, to be able to think with a clear head. Although Greyson is still ever present in my mind, he is starting to resurface as the little boy I have been waiting to remember, not the boy that died from Krabbes Disease.

I have memories of him sitting in his bouncy chair as I walked through the front door, the excitement in his eyes far surpassing the movement of his body. I remember how he use to let the summer breeze wrap around him as we went for evening walks. Sometimes it would take his breathe away. I remember the stiffening of his body in anticipation on the bathroom floor as I turned the bath water on. I remember the open mouth of his sweet kisses on my lips.

I was so afraid, that in the craziness of it all, I would forget the things I loved the most about him. But, I have not. And I notice, the more I celebrate his life, the more freely the memories come. It seems as though it is only when I am drowning in sadness that I struggle to bring his memories afloat.

It just seems to be easier, for me, to remember and love Grey for who he was and what he stood for. His disease will not take me too.

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mitwill said...

I am so glad you are remembering those special times with Grey! By the way, the website looks great!