Monday, June 22, 2009

Gov. Perry Signs HB 1795 Into Law

On June 19, 2009, Gov. Perry signed HB 1795 establishing Greyson's Law.

Greyson's Law, effective in Sept. '09, will add 20 disorders to Texas' newborn screening panel and establish an advisory committee to oversee it's future expansions. Nearly 150 babies per years will test positive for one of these additional disorders, with Greyson's Law now saving them from disability or possible death.

Below are a couple links to see HB 1795's progression. It's been a long, emotional road. Thanks to all who chose to make this journey with us.

Also check out Hunter's Hope site as they pay tribute to Grey:

Dearest Grey,

You changed the world, Little Man, even though it meant you would have to leave us. Thank you. I love you, with everything I am and everything I have. I will celebrate you every day!
Seth took the above picture for you on one of our visits to the capitol. Isn't it incredible?! I promised him that when your law passed I would post it for the world to see.

Forever Your Mom


mitwill said...

I have no words! How completely awesome?!?! Congratulations! Grey, your short life has made such an impact!!

AngelaLexi79 said...

My sisters baby is due in September. Thanks so much for getting this law into effect. You never know which baby it will effect. I know Grey is looking down and smiling :-)