Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just Grey

These are a few of the things I loved (and still love) about Grey:

When you held him, he just melted into you.

He would growl at you if he liked you.

He gave high fives.

He called Bill "Ah Da".

When he was excited to see you, his whole body would stiffen up and his eyes and smile would just burst off of his face.

He loved when I would sing "Baby" to him, even though I can't sing.

His laugh was amazing.

Whenever he saw a camera, especially the red light that flashed before the picture was taken, he would become a huge ham.

He gave the best kisses ever.

He loved oatmeal, both his monkey and the breakfast food.

He smiled at anyone and everyone.

He always smelled like syrup.

He loves to wrestle and play rough.

He laughed at anything.

He listened to DMB with me all the time, without fussing.

He loved his bath. If it was past 7 and he hadn't had one yet, he'd let you know.

He would snort when he laughed, just like me.

He had CRAZY hair.

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Heydad said...

Grey, my Grey, Ah DA loves you!!