Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blessings Through Grey's Loss

As my heart aches for Grey, my mind tells me to be positive. So . . . here are some blessings I've received through Grey's loss:

Hearing my niece Daniela say, "Again".

Baby blue wrist bands with "Grey's Gift" written on them.

Kids at school asking for blue wrist bands with sincerity.

Co-workers that have turned into great friends.

Great friends that have turned into family.

Hugs from total strangers.

Visits from both of my brothers.
A surprise visit from my best friend in high school.

Her son giving me the autographed picture of Jim Kelly that he just won.

Jim Kelly knowing my baby's name, and acknowledging it.

Cash's eyes.

The memories of Grey's memorial and benefit.

Knowledge of a better treatment for Seth's PKU, from a total stranger (who was only 15).

Grey's story on WOAI.

Amazing pictures of Grey.

8th graders writing to legislators.

A huge poster of Dave Matthews.

Grey's spirit with me every minute of every day.

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Carrie said...

Those are beautiful blessings {{hugs}}