Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Grey's SB 1720 died in the House last night. Today is the last day for the Senate to hear Grey's HB 1795. It has been on the Intent calendar since Saturday. If it is not heard by midnight tonight, it too will die. If it is heard, it will pick up 2 amendments, one to screen for HIV in newborns (actually a Senate Bill that died in the House) and the other to make sure it is financed. One it is heard and passed with the amendments it goes back to the House for final approval. The Senate can take up to 24 hours to get it back to the House. The House then has to lay it out for 6 hours before approving it. The House will have until Friday to approve it. If the House does not have time to approve it, it will die there.

Please contact Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and let him know you want HB 1795 - Greyson's Law to be heard today before the session ends. Because of the urgency, it would probably be best to call him. Below is his contact information:

512 463-0001


deej said...

Nicole - I called the Lt. Gov's office and asked to leave a message to encourage the Lt. Gov to hear HB 1795 before the session ends tonight (I hope I said it correctly) anyway,the lady said "Thank you for calling about that issue" I asked if she wanted my name or number and she said they have my number. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying!!!!

Howard House of 5 said...

I emailed everyone I know with the information and your link. More than half made the call. We will be praying as well.