Saturday, May 16, 2009

I See You

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of birds. It started years ago, when I was around 5, and involves a Super Ball and a bird's nest.

Anyways, this evening I decided to go for a walk outside and get the mail. The weather is cool and breezy, which is incredibly strange this time of year. On walks I often find myself talking to Grey. Sometimes I feel closer to him when I'm outside. While at the mailboxes a black-chested bird on the wire squawked at me, loud enough to get my attention. I ignored it, not liking birds, and started my walk back home. Turning into my driveway I heard another loud squawk. I looked up, same bird, different wire. I chuckled.

"Grey," I said out loud, "if you're going to use a bird to get my attention, he at least has to be colorful."

At that moment, the bird swooped down to reveal the most brilliant, bright blue feathers on his back that I have ever seen.

I see you Little Man, even in things I don't like. How could I not?

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