Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HB 1795 - Greyson's Law

HB 1795 finally made it through the Senate! It picked up three amendments on it's way through. The first is a Bill to screen for HIV in newborns. The next is a Bill to improve the CHIPs program (Children's Health Insurance Program). The last is an actual amendment to ensure that it is financed. We can be proud that Greyson's name will carry these other great Bills. My Little Man has touch my world, and my heart, in ways that I could never explain.

Thank you Senator Uresti. You said that you would get Grey's Bill through before it was all said and done. You did it with 90 minutes to spare. You make me believe that there still are great politicians out there who lead with their hearts. You didn't know my baby from Adam. Now you have helped to give him a legacy. And you have helped my family to start healing.

Thanks, too, to all of you who have made calls, sent emails, and prayed for us. Your love for Grey is overwhelming.


min4asl said...

Whew! Talk about waiting until the last minute!! I am so proud of you!! I'm sure Grey is also very proud of all you have done.....

deej said...

what's happens next?

i'm buying the champagne when the bill gets signed into law!

virtual hugs to you both!

motherminus1 said...

I am so happy. I saw your SOS at 9pm. I emailed the govenor and was hoping it was not too late.Thanks for your hard work!!