Saturday, May 30, 2009

As Of 10 PM Saturday Night

HB 1795 did get Conference Committees in both the House and the Senate today to try to strip the CHIPs amendment from it. Each committee has a chair, who is the Bill sponsor, and five members. 3 of the 5 members have to sign that they are in agreement of removing the amendment. We were able to get the signatures on both sides. HB 1795 is now free of CHIPs, thank God! Please don't get me wrong. I am all for CHIPs, as is Rep. Pierson, but it should never been placed onto Greyson's Law. There was, and still is, a perfectly suited Bill to carry it by Rep. Coleman.

Next, the Bill has to wait 24 hours before it can become eligible to be read again on the Senate floor. It will become eligible at around 9:30 PM. Because it passed unanimously through the Senate already, it is expected to pass again. The trick will be getting Dewhurst to read it before midnight.

So again I am asking, hopefully for the last time, for you to contact Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and ask him to read HB 1795 before the session ends tomorrow at midnight.

Our Bill lives to see another day! I'm posting this with my 2 favorite pictures, for luck.

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motherminus1 said...

You are right Nicole at least the Bill will be signed. It is understandable that a Bill signing ceremony may not be possible but I do feel the letter was too business-like and cold.