Friday, January 22, 2010

A Projection Of Light

Within the last couple days I've mentioned to a few of my close friends, and my mom, my feeling of Grey's absence. Like I've said before, most days his spirit covers me like a blanket. Yet the last few days he's left me feeling a bit chilled.

But tonight he gave me another gift, a sign to let me know that he is still with me.

I was begrudgingly working out on my elliptical, having improved from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in the last two weeks I might add, when I looked up at his pictures on the wall, the ones we had at his memorial. They hang above his keepsake chest.

There, between his pictures and his chest, was a projection of light from the circular holes in my new Scentsy warmer that I just got from Misti for Grey's fundraiser. The projection was in a shape of a heart. Just when I think that his little angel world is too busy for me, he proves me wrong.

My little man, he's still AMAZING!


勇氣 said...

成功多屬於那些很快做出決定,卻又不輕易變更的人。而失敗也經常屬於那些很難做出決定,卻又經常變更的人 ....................................................

Ashlee said...

You don't know me.. but this is amazing.. little things like this is what shows us we're not forgoten.. just like we never forget those we love. :) <3