Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SB 1720 - Greyson's Law

SB 1720 passed through the Committee of Health & Human Services today. It now goes to the Senate floor.


I am too overwhelmed and tired to go into detail or even start to thank people. I will write more tomorrow. I promise.
Below is the link to the Senate hearing. Click on April 28, 2009 (Part II). Fast forward to 04:02:16.


Anita said...

Nicole this is just wonderful news!!! I know your work isn't done, but look at how much you've accomplished in Greyson's name......I'm so touched at your strength. God's work through you is so visible and awesome!

deej said...

Nicole and Bill - This is great news! I am so happy that this is a reality as a result of your hard work and devotion.

Grey has given the most precious gift to an entire state! He will continue to touch people's lives, even those who may never know his story.

I hope this amazing achievement makes your heart smile.

Misty Starr said...

Nicole, Bill and the Boys:
Grey is so proud of what you have done in his name. All of your friends and family are also proud of your accomplishments. Thank you on behalf of all of Texans for all of the babies that will be saved because of Greyson and your courage to pursue Greyson's Law. Way to go!!!