Friday, April 10, 2009

Houston Fox News 26

A huge thank you goes out to Kristine Galvan of Fox News 26 and her cameraman Matt for taking interest in Grey's story. As much as I hated the thoughts of driving to Houston on Good Friday I have no doubt, thanks to the talents of those two, that it will surely pay off. Because it is a Fox station, our story has the ability to be picked up by their affiliates. That's huge!

And, as we told Kristine that Grey's HB 1795 seemed to be stuck in committee without even being heard, she looked up the committee members and realized she had connections to two of them. Then she thanked us for sharing our story with them. Thanked us. She was amazing!

You would think by now that I would have enough faith to realize that, with Grey's hands all over this and God's help, how could this bill not pass?

Below is a link to Kristine's bio:

She expects the story to air late next week. The station wants to take a couple days to promote it. Sounds impressive, I know! Kristine and Matt also want to take some time to make the most of their 2 minutes and 30 seconds they have to summarize an hours worth of interview.

There will be a direct link when it comes out. She will call us and let us know the day for sure. Until then, this seems to be the link to be checking:

Any of you out there in Houston, be looking for the promos and let me know how they are.

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