Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let's Catch Up

I figured it's been awhile since I've blogged, so let's catch up.

Spring brought us Little League baseball. It's always a busy season, especially since Bill and I decided to coach Riley's team. It proved to be a good experience for both Bill and I. Bill knew very little about baseball, and "throws like a girl" according to Ry, but put his whole heart in it and was a great roll model for the kids. I took on the roll of Team Mom and taught Bill the basics. By the end of the season, we almost knew what we were doing.

Seth got on a great team with some friends of ours. He was in the Minors, and at this age it really starts to get competitive. Seth has no problem in the area of confidence. So even though he only played every other inning and hit the ball a mere three times this season, he thought he was the best player there ever was. He truly was in it for the fun. That's hard to find in a kid, and kinda hard for his very competitive mom to understand. But when Seth got on base, either by walking or a hit, he was gone! The boy can steal bases like nothing I've ever seen. Those little legs of his carry him pretty fast. He may not be an athletic player, but he's a smart player, and very coachable. His team got into the playoffs and ended up 6th out of 13 teams. I'm very proud of him. Now we start his new interest, the trumpet. He made the Panther band at my middle school. I can't believe he'll be in 6th grade. He had his first private lesson two weeks ago. He thinks he's a natural. Again, no confidence issues here. If his abilities matched his heart, he would be incredible at everything he did. I think that's what I love most about him. He has such a huge heart.

Luke made it through Church Hill Middle School without me killing him. Please understand, that due to schools changing grade levels and being added on to, we have been together for the last 4 years. That's too long for any teacher's kid to have to put up with having his mom, and his mom's friends, all keeping track of him. He ended up with two high school credits before leaving the 8th grade, Health/Speech, and a full year of Spanish. He has decided that next year he will join the Jr. Air Force ROTC at Canyon High School. I'm hoping he follows in his Grandpa John's footsteps, who retired as a full colonel. Grandpa John also provided Luke with a Texas Tomorrow Fund, which will pay for 4 full years of college here in Texas. Now if I could just get Luke to apply himself and realize the gift he's been given. He's also asking to take Driver's Ed this summer. As soon as he can keep his room clean, maybe we'll talk about it. Below is a picture of Mom and us at his 8th grade graduation.

Riley flew through 1st grade and is eagerly awaiting 2nd. He started Speech classes after Christmas and is doing incredible! I'd be surprised if he has to continue them after next year. His reading has seemed to suffer a little though, since his fluency has slowed down due to the fact that he's trying to pronounce everything correctly. Poor, little Riley James Morris. Not the easiest name to pronounce when you have a speech impediment!

I decided to start my Masters in Administration in May. I took my GRE and passed it with flying colors. I got my coursework, worked on it for two days, and quit. After I had spend two stressful days yelling at my kids to get their own breakfast, lunch, and dinners, I realized that my choice had not been such a great one, especially since I didn't even know if I wanted to use it. The past two years have been very difficult for them. The last thing they needed was a crazy mom, who had just recently stopped being a bit crazy anyways. Now I can relax, knowing I tried it and that it just wasn't for me. Next school year I can really focus on what I like doing most, being in the classroom. I have also recently taken the opportunity to volunteer with Hope Hospice. They will have 3 bereavement camps this summer. I will get to speak to other parents who have lost their children. I am really excited about it. Like a good friend told me, you don't have to be in the classroom to teach. She's right.

As a couple, Bill and I have taken on some new things. We now speak through our local hospital to expecting and new mothers about the importance of newborn screening and wellbaby check-ups. We have 6 dates set up through October. Hopefully more will follow. We continue to work with Hunter's Hope and will head up to new York this July to go to their Family Medical Symposium and participate in their Every Step Family Walk. I'll blog more about that soon.

Bill got a six year term on the Newborn Screening Advisory Committee that was established through Greyson's Law. It still amazes me, a whole committee established because of our little boy to ensure the protection of all little Texans. Bill was elected "temporary chair" of the first meeting, and although he may not yet be elected as the permanent chair, what an honor to chair the first ever Texas Newborn Screening Committee meeting. I'm so proud of him! Again, another gift. Bill also was able to testify on behalf of the state about the importance of newborn screening blood spots. At the hearing a lady approached him. Her first daughter was diagnosed too late with Cystic Fibrosis and is very affected. However, her second daughter was one of the first children that screened positive for Cystic Fibrosis since the state started screening for it in December. She hugged him and thanked him, telling him that if it wasn't for Grey, there would be no screen. Amazing, I know!

And lastly, we welcomed a new addition to our household . . . a grey tabby we named Grux. He is spoiled rotten and is never put down. Rilley has seemed to bond with him the most. We were hoping to try to fill his big brother role a bit. He loves it, and carries it, and kisses it. He even has a scratch down his cheek to prove it.

So all seems to be good at the Morris household. Although the last 18 months since Grey's loss have seemed to be a whirlwind, we've seemed to come out on top, a better, stronger family. We have our ups and downs, but when I take a step back and watch my kids play, and hear them laugh, I know Bill and I have done alright.

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