Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cool Breeze

This weekend was surely marked by Fall weather. We're all surprised that it has lasted three whole days.

But with the cool breeze and the smell of burning cedar came memories of Grey, memories that I wasn't expecting.

The weather took me back to the day of his memorial. We were there, all of you, dressed in your suits and dresses, in the middle of Doepenschmidt's parking lot writing notes to Grey on blue and yellow balloons.

At times this weekend I have smiled at the thoughts of that day, all of you there for me and my family, showing us how much you loved Grey. At times this weekend I have cried, wishing, no matter how good you all looked, that I had never seen any of you in your best attire.

I've stepped out on our front porch several times this weekend, thinking that if I breath in deep enough, I'll smell him. At times I think I do. And I remember how the breeze use to take his breathe away.

Tomorrow marks ten months without Grey. So I promise, that I will continue to stand on my porch, take in everything he loved, and feel him breath life into me with his cool breeze.

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