Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Limitations

Today, Grey has been gone for nine months. Sometimes when I think of him, it just seems so long ago, like he was never here. But most times, when I think of him and I close my eyes, I can still hear him, his laughter and his babbling. I can feel his energy. I know he's always close by.

And if you have read Bill's blog today, bear with me because mine is very similar. Funny how we both picked the same event to tell about on the nine month anniversary of Grey's loss. Most days, Bill and I are so connected, even when he is miles away at work.

I always felt a sense of urgency with Grey. I think he felt it too. It's like we both knew that we were racing against the clock, trying to fit everything in. Getting him his highchair was no different. I searched for the perfect highchair, and once I finally decided on one, Ceci and I drove all over San Antonio to find it. It's particular pattern had been discontinued and there were few of them left.

I think I got it for Grey when he was about 4 months old, way too little to actually be able to sit up in it. But we tried, month after month until he had finally gained enough head control at around 6 months to use it.

Dinner time was always a game for Grey. Before the highchair he was placed in his bouncy chair next to the kitchen table while we ate. He did not like being on the floor, but with 5 of us at the table there was rarely enough room to place his bouncy chair on the table.

It was continuous, his banter for our attention. And as he finally moved into his highchair, you would think that the banter would stop. But you would be wrong, because now he was king! Table conversations were nearly impossible to have, as he would babble louder and louder. And if that didn't work, he would take his right hand (having already at 8 months lost the use of his left) and bang it on the tray. Keep in mind that this was no easy feat for him. It took a lot of concentration and pure will to move a limb that barely had any neurons heading it's way.

But there he would sit, head of his table, calling all the shots. He lived his whole life that way. Despite his body, he knew no limitations.

The video below was taken just about a year ago. It's of Grey, sitting in this throne.

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Texas Mom said...

How precious. Thank you for sharing the video.