Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Fall

I guess I have been putting off this post for awhile now, but I knew inevitably, sooner or later, I would have to blog about "this time last year".

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Fall. It is my most favorite season. I have worked very hard these last couple of weeks to make sure that it remains that way. Because everywhere I look, everything I think of, takes me right back to where we were last year.

School had just started. I had just gotten back from my DMB Texas tour. Life was good.

Within a week there was the emergency blood work, followed by the urgent trip to the neurologist. It was a month of ups and downs. On the night of Open House, I came back to school from the neurologist relieved that we were told that Grey could be fixed.

The end of September and beginning of October would be full of tests, to find out what it was we were sure we could fix. There was an MRI that came back normal, a muscle biopsy, and a nerve conduction test. On October 30th we requested another appointment with our neurologist because Grey just didn't seem right. He saw us the same day. He admitted Grey to the hospital for "failure to thrive".

This overnight stay brought us more blood work, a second MRI, and a spinal tap. Our neurologist had to go out of town and left us in the hands of a colleague, whom he had a lot of faith in. But apparently, the colleague did not know that we were still looking for a fix. He saw in Grey things that I think we, including Grey's doctor, did not want to see.

He sat us down that Friday morning, Halloween, and told us that we would have some hard decisions to make. We had to decide just how far we would be willing to go.

To go? Go where?

Oh . . . how far we would be willing to go to keep him alive. We didn't even know what he had! But we were told chances of him being terminal were about 95%.

Bill and I looked at each other, knowing the decision we had made without even saying a word. We discharged him, took him home, put him in his giraffe costume and took him Trick-Or-Treating.

That would be the first and last time Grey was in the hospital.

That was last Fall, a year ago.

It seems like forever since he smiled at me in that stupid giraffe costume. He was so cute. He was so happy.

But he was so sick.

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Texas Mom said...

How precious. I love that costume. Grey was such a happy little man. Every time I saw him he smiled at me no matter how bad he felt.