Monday, August 10, 2009

The Spectrum

As I sit and anticipate our trip to the Hunter's Hope Symposium on Wednesday, I am taken back by how much our lives have changed in the past 12 months.

A friend reminded me yesterday that a year ago, Grey was giving her high fives. Today, another friend gave me a beautiful statue of an angel jumping into his mother's arm. Do you see it . . . the spectrum of my recent life?

I tell you, he was my shooting star. Bright and brilliant, but gone so quickly. People wait their whole lives to see a shooting star. They stand on their back porch, waiting in anticipation, and then one day . . . Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh. And then it's gone. Do you remember what you felt like the very first time you saw a shooting star? I was lucky enough to hold one in my arms.

A year ago, we were just starting to think that Grey may have some developmental delays. We were still being told he was a lazy baby. He was too smart to have anything "really" wrong with him. Tomorrow, we leave for New York to speak at a symposium with Jim Kelly because we were fortunate enough to have changed Texas history with the passage of Greyson's Law. The day that we arrive in New York marks the eighth month of his loss. There it is again. Do you see it?

There has to be some way to pull this all together. There has to be some way to pull this spectrum, this spectrum of colors together. Because I know, when all the colors come together, they make Grey.

Oh, Grey.

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jodie said...

As a mother myself, I am not able to imagine the pain you are in. However, I am able to admire you, your strength, and your tenacity. Love, Jodie