Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We Hope

I'm getting very excited about attending the Hunter's Hope Candlelight Ball on Friday. My friends have approved my dress, my wrap, and my shoes. I've picked out and been given the perfect jewelry to wear. Bill and Seth have been measured for tuxes. They even got their hair cut, but let's not talk about Bill's haircut because I'm not sure what possessed him to get his head SHAVED! I've spent a month picking out the perfect dress. He gets his head shaved.

I think I am most excited for Seth. It seems as though he has no idea the part he plays in our newborn screening journey. If Seth had not been the prime example of newborn screening at it's best, I'm not sure we would have even realized that Greyson was an example of newborn screening at it's worst. I'm so proud of him. He truly believes in our journey. I just don't think he realizes he's the reason for it. I hope some day he will.

Seth is mostly excited about meeting Jim Kelly. The cool thing is, Seth will tell you that before we lost Grey, he didn't even know who Jim Kelly was. He doesn't love Jim Kelly because of his Hall Of Fame status, although he is a huge football fan. He'll tell you he loves Jim Kelly because Jim Kelly cared about Grey. I can't wait for Seth to meet him and realize that Jim's biggest legacy is helping other families affected by Krabbes.

So, keep us in your prayers as Friday approaches. We hope that our Grey continues to touch people. We hope that Seth figures out where he fits in this whole puzzle. We hope that our story continues to educate others.

We hope.

Grey would have been 23 months old today. I miss him so.


Texas Mom said...
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Texas Mom said...

Let me try this again... with correct spelling... :)

I am so excited and proud of all of you. I will pray for you all during your journey. Grey will continue to touch and change lives because of your family. Have a wonderful time. Your family deserves it.... and as far as Seth knowing where he fits in..... he will realize it soon enough with the support of his two wonderful parents. Oh, and your shoes are GREAT.... so is your dress and jewelry. :)

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