Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Stars At Night

Tonight was a night we had been waiting for for quite awhile. Tonight, Hope Hospice revealed their yearly quilt. Every year they make a quilt using material from loved ones lost. This year, Greyson was on their quilt.

At the time that Hospice needed material, I couldn't yet bring myself to part with any of Grey's things. I went out in search of material that reminded me of Grey. I found some at the very first stop. It was green, with monkeys on it. It looked just like the pajamas that he took with him. It was perfect. And to make it better, a friend from school embroidered his name on it.

The theme of the quilt was "The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas". I thought it was really appropriate for Grey. We always said he was our shooting star; bright, brilliant, gone too soon. The Texas theme fit perfectly with all we did with Greyson's Law, having to work with the Texas Legislature. We were honored to have our son's star on the quilt.

But what amazed me most was the number of strangers who knew who we were because of Grey; people who worked for Hope Hospice, people who worked at the church where the event was, people in the community, all thanking us and congratulating us on Greyson's Law.

It makes me so proud, that even though he's gone, Grey continues to touch and educate people.

To all of you that introduced yourselves and told us of how you knew Grey, thank you. I can't even explain what it feels like to know that others have benefited from my baby's loss. Again, it affirms that while Grey was here, he did his job, and he did it so well. Thank you.

Thank you Hope Hospice. We are a stronger family for having you in our lives.

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