Saturday, January 1, 2011


Don't talk to me about statistics. It seems as though, as a family, we have always defied the odds.

Once Bill and I found out that we were not only carriers of Krabbe Disease, but that we possessed the same exact mutation, we knew that our next step was to find out the boys' carrier status. We started the process over Christmas Break.

I was convinced that none of the boys would be carriers, convinced because of a dream I had. Shortly after Grey died I had a very vivid dream. I was holding Grey in my arms, sitting in our favorite chair. I could feel his hand stroking my cheek. I could feel his hair as I ran my fingers through it. He spoke to me, "I took it all Momma." And in my mind, I was convinced that Grey had made a deal with God, that he took on Krabbe, so that it would never touch our family again.

When the results came in yesterday, I was still convinced. It would be gone. Grey had taken it all for us. Bill called. "All three boys, Honey. They're all carriers."

All carriers?! Are you kidding me?! Seth & Riley had a 50% chance of being a carrier. Luke only had a 25% chance. But what were the chance of all three being carriers? And what were the chances that we ALL have the exact same mutation, T513M?

Every family has a purpose. At least we know what ours is. We should be thankful, even consider ourselves lucky, that Grey was the only one who actually had Krabbe.

Life is all about perspective, right?

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